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Anthony Kiedis entrevista Madonna

Anthony Kiedis entrevistou Madonna atraví©s do AOL Instant Messenger.
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We asked Madonna’s pal Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to host her AIM interview himself — with our supervision, of course! On Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 5PM ET, Madonna will perform songs from her new CD ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor,’ live from London, exclusively on AOL Network LIVE!

AOLmusicTye: hey anthony. i see ya
AOLmusicTye: how are you? everything cool on your end?
RHanthonyCP: as far as i can tell
AOLmusicTye: great. we’ll just chill til Madge hops online
RHanthonyCP: grrreat
MadonnaKonfesses: hello
AOLmusicTye: and there she is!
AOLmusicTye: hi madonna
RHanthonyCP: hello!
AOLmusicTye: hi, thank you both for being here
AOLmusicTye: Anthony, this is your show, and i know you both have a lot to talk about so… i’ll leave you to it 🙂
RHanthonyCP: ready?
MadonnaKonfesses: ready
RHanthonyCP:> was your inspiration to create a new breed of dance music born from nostalgia or do you still love to dance?
MadonnaKonfesses: al little bit of both, plus I needed some kind of relief from all the insanity going on in the world
RHanthonyCP: i saw your video for ‘Hung Up.’ very exciting. what is your fascination with Saturday Night Fever?
MadonnaKonfesses: there is something about that movie. every time I watch it it’s like the first time and John Travolta’s character personified that era of disco and obsession with the right hair and clothes and saving up all your money to go out on the weekend and just DANCE and show off your moves.
MadonnaKonfesses: that is what i love about it. plus he is soooooo hot in that movie.
RHanthonyCP: sweet. can we talk about the joy of the dance form known as Krumping? something you use in your new video…
MadonnaKonfesses: oh my god all hail the Krump!!!!
MadonnaKonfesses: its no surprise that i love to dance and i first saw krumping with Aries, one of my dancers on my last tour (he is also in the documentary i made and in the video)
MadonnaKonfesses: there is something raw and theatrical, something shakespearean about Krumping.
RHanthonyCP: krumping is a great way to communicate with spirits of love…
RHanthonyCP: what were you listening to prior to making this record?
MadonnaKonfesses: i was listening to Moroder, Cerrone, Chic, SisterSledge, Kraftwork, Pet Shop Boys, Evelyn Champagne King, Salsoul Orchestra and ABBA!
RHanthonyCP: where do you like to write music? do you have a spot or spots?
RHanthonyCP: p.s. you’d make a good dj
MadonnaKonfesses: I like to write in a notebook lying on the floor. i like to recreate my past when I lived in hovels with no furniture and no money and no idea where it would all lead to. i like it simple and raw, like sushi!
RHanthonyCP: as i understand it, you wrote a song about rabbi isaac ben luria. as a songwriter i thought that was great, but i heard he had a sour reaction…can you explain?
MadonnaKonfesses: i would like to clear that up
RHanthonyCP: now?
MadonnaKonfesses: it was not about Isaac Luria. it was the name of the man who sang on the record. his name is Isaac Sinwany and he is Yeminite and alive and I see him all the time and he has an amazing voice. just a friend.
MadonnaKonfesses: i want to know why all the Rabbi’s were checking out my play list before the record even came out.
MadonnaKonfesses: i do not know enough about Isaac Luria to write a song about him. Not even sure what i would say.
RHanthonyCP: got it. i felt your intentions were true and it’s my favorite track on the record.
MadonnaKonfesses: oh thank you. when Isaac came in and sang that song (unedited and before we put it to music) I had tears in my eyes and did not even know what he was singing about. then he told me and I cried even more.
RHanthonyCP: at one point you were considered to be the most powerful woman on the planet. what sense of responsibility do you feel about all that?
MadonnaKonfesses: i feel a huge sense of responsibility. i feel like i finally know why i do the things that I do and why I was given the gifts i was given. i have a voice and i want to use it in the right way. not just to entertain but to inspire.
RHanthonyCP: it seems your husband is an inspiration to you. how does that bundle of english energy ‘Push’ you?
MadonnaKonfesses: how much time do you have?
RHanthonyCP: the jeopardy tune has started
MadonnaKonfesses: he “pushes” all my buttons on a regular basis. 
MadonnaKonfesses: but it’s all good. It’s good to be challenged right?
RHanthonyCP: You recently made all of your songs available on itunes. can you explain the arrangement? Why now?
MadonnaKonfesses: itunes now because I finally got a good and fair deal with my record company.
MadonnaKonfesses: and i got tired of not being able to download my songs.
RHanthonyCP: ah ha. back to the songs. were ‘Jump’ and ‘How High’ penned independently of one another?
MadonnaKonfesses: absolutely. the idea for ‘Jump’ came from my brother in law Joe Henry. ‘How High’ came from a song I originally wrote for a musical called ‘Hello Suckers.’
RHanthonyCP: who chose to put them next to each other on the record?
MadonnaKonfesses: i did silly. do they sound funny together?? did i make the right decision?
RHanthonyCP: i knew they were separate ideas and liked the placement. the whole recording is fun and playful and soulful.
RHanthonyCP: you sing a semi anti-los angeles statement on ‘I Love New York’. i took offense considering i woke up at 8 to prepare this. 😉
MadonnaKonfesses: please do not take it personally. you are not a native Los Angeles person anyway. i still live part of the time in LA and most of the time in London, but NY is my favorite city cause that’s where i learned to breathe.
MadonnaKonfesses: the breath got pushed out of my lungs. i was forced into the dark abyss. i had to JUMP!!! it was sooooo full of life and its where i learned that I could be an aritst and not just dream about it.
RHanthonyCP: it is a great town and i really only engage in the rivalry as sport. you wrote a song called ‘Sorry.’ are you apologizing for something?
MadonnaKonfesses: hell NO!!
MadonnaKonfesses: just elaborating on a theme.
MadonnaKonfesses: no mattter who we are or what we have done we have all been the f***er and the f***ed over. oh geez can i swear??
MadonnaKonfesses: the song sorry is from both perspectives.
RHanthonyCP: i think it’s wise to promptly admit when one is wrong
RHanthonyCP: and your foreign accents in the song are f****ing sexy!
MadonnaKonfesses: everything sounds better in another language.
RHanthonyCP: meanwhile, can i borrow your red leotard from the ‘Hung Up’ video?
MadonnaKonfesses: it’s pink. are you color blind??
RHanthonyCP: i hope so. that’s it from my end. anything you need to know from me?
MadonnaKonfesses: do you still love me?
RHanthonyCP: looooooooooooooove.
MadonnaKonfesses: back at youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AOLmusicTye: and we love you both 🙂
MadonnaKonfesses: a menage a trois! AOLmusicTye: sorry… I couldn’t resist
RHanthonyCP: adios mi amiga.
MadonnaKonfesses: adios amore! AOLmusicTye: thanks so much… both of you AOLmusicTye: it’s been fun eavesdropping
MadonnaKonfesses: thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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