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Anthony fala para Kerrang!

Anthony Kiedis fez uma pequena entrevista na íºltima edií§ão da revista brití¢nica Kerrang!

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Your last album ‘By The Way’, came out in 2002. Why has this one taken you so long?
‘The workload was a lot more intense because we wrote so many songs [38 to be exact] and recorded them all. we definately had our work cut out and there certainly hasnt been much instant gratification with this one.’

‘Stadium Arcadium’ is a double album. has it got a concept tying it all together?
‘Its definately a body of work that fits together very naturally. its all related in that each song has an effect on the other songs but we havent divided it into catagories or anything like that. its more like weve put all the songs into a bag, cahken them up, tipped ir upside down adn seen how they have all landed.’

What does ‘Stadium Arcadium’ mean?
‘Stadium Arcadium’ is the name of a song on the record and it feels good as the title because the chourus of that song is talking about the celestial feel from where we are – where we are in life and where we are as musicians – and people that try to generate good feelinga adn the act of just trying to reflect that beauty.’

Are the new songs all focused around ‘generating good feelings’ then?
‘theres no specific themes, really. theres a lot of that celebrates dysfunction and tghe good things that come you get out of going through dysfunctional, difficult situiations and acceptance of that and finding beauty in those situations. ive been dealing with whatever the hell came into my mind, really! i just started writting and its sort of a stream of consciousness – or unconsciousness – type thing.’

So its triumph in the face of adversity – type stuff?
‘I played the songs to someone the other day that said ‘This is your gospel record’ and that had never crossed my mind, but he seemd to think that there were a lot of gospel references in the lyrics. im far from an expert on the bible, but it was interesting that he got that from listening to the songs. i think its nicer to instigate an idea that makes people think and let them take away their own ideas and understandings.’

What song will surprise fans the most
‘Theres a song called ‘Hey’ that i think will take everybody by surprise. its so sophosticated sounding in its mellowness that it will stand out to the casualk ear. its difficult to describe, but its very infectious.’

only 25 songs out of the 28 recorded will make the album. What are you going to do with the rest?
‘We had a military burial for them. No, we havent really. were going to keep them adn try to find any way possible to get them out there. i believe that theyre as good as the songs that made the record, it just wasnt the ritgh time for them.’

‘Stadium Arcadium’ is out on May 8 on Warners

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